O dearest knight in shining armour
I wish you didn´t buy that horse
I’ve booked a flight
to New York City
I’ll be leaving in the morning

I do wish you told me sooner
You were planning on saving me
I’d surely try to change my flight
Make sure I had some extra time
The saving of me can put up
quite a fight
There will be tears I’ll need to cry

And the swearing
and the cursing too
Then the waking up into the light
And thanking you for being there

O knight of mine,
you come too late
I wasn’t counting on being saved
My week is kind of booked ahead
There is a tone of things
that I’ve got to do

Some thousand miles
away from you
I do admit I was impressed
No one ever tried to save me

And the horse you got
is really pretty
But I’ll be flying in the morning
O knight of mine,
try to take this right

I wasn’t counting on your chivalry
At least you have a horse
to keep you company
Let’s try and save me
some other day


Hey you good looking,
What’s with that book
you’re reading?
I’m all pretty dressed up

Hey you good looking,
That violin lesson sucks
And its 10 in the morning

I know, you won’t bite my hands
It shows, you would not chew
a bubblegum
I know

Hey you good looking,
Your French is just parfait

Hey you good looking,
you just making me blue
like the silk shirt you have on

Gliding through the sidewalk
raindrops won't dare touch you
the ground craves your feet
I know

Hey good looking,
here's bad looking
come on by, some time


walk out the hotel room
off to paris
to meet my agent
I need a break, Sam.
There's a life out there
luxurious gardens
for curious cats

Gaza strip,
with a finger gun in my pocket
Double dip, at the Royal wedding
Road trip, across Africa

having a beer with same old Tom
here comes johnny, his jokes are the best around

hey Sam here
Just got a call from Berlin

Everything must be ready
by Sunday
I bought your pills, a decent hat
your beard will most certainly
be a mess
but I allways carry a razor


Corny sunset print on postcard
I won’t cry no river
Poetry can only hold me back
I’m up to something bigger
than ourselves

Be my
Plugged in
Played hard
For trouble
Be my


There’s a crowd at the door
But as soon as they
see you we’re in
Music’s playing, we know that song
And walk along the dance floor
Across the room and to the bar
I need a drink,
don’t need to tell you
You always know exactly
what I want
When I want it
Everyone we know is here

Can’t really hear
what you’re talking about
The light’s too dim,
music’s too loud
I can think of a million
different places
We could’ve gone tonight
But this is you and we’re together
It makes me strangely proud
To be the one walking you home
When all the lights are out


Suddenly the wall
that I’ve been climbing
Seems to end at the top
of your house
I must have made a wrong turn

To walk away and end up right where I started
Tomorrow, I’ll go
Yes tomorrow I can go

I’ll knock on someone else’s door
But for the night, for just a while
Let me rest on your couch

When morning comes
you know I’ll realize
There’s really nowhere else to go
But still I’ll walk,
like I said I would

I’ll knock on someone else’s door
But for the night, for just a while
Let me rest on your couch
I promise I’ll be quiet
I won’t make a sound


I left my trench coat
on the closet in the hallway
Please find a way to return it to me
You don’t have to call me up
or anything
You know I’m careless
and I never hide my keys anyway

I seem to remember leaving
a polka dot dress
On the floor by the window
in the room we used to dine in
Under the sofa,
behind the curtains,
I can’t really tell
We always had issues
on your house being a mess

And look for me on all
your bookshelves
I’m pretty sure
I’ll be lying all around
Hiding in a paperback edition
of The Waves
Or maybe on the cover
of one of your Hemingway’s

Like I said,
we don’t even have to meet
Just pack whatever’s left of me
and leave it by the door
Or help yourself in,
one can never tell
You may have left some of you
on my house as well

A toothbrush or a shirt
or some self respect and love
Hidden in a Tupperware
your mother bought us both
A comb or a shoe
or some vows we swore were true
Forgotten in a drawer
of what used to be our room


Door Bells
Broken bikes
And rain

Building after midnight
Rates and drivers
Lost your lighter

Square shadows
And taxi ballad
A river running nowhere

8 million swimming
The traffic rolling like waves
Watch for undertow

Building after midnight
River after rain after river
They say they've “got some questions to ask of you
In your blue room”


The door was white, I saw
a four hanging above it
The windows were big,
Big enough to look inside

You said "it has no fence"
But I was already halfway
into the entrance
There were empty pots
all over the stairs
Reminding us not long ago
Someone actually lived there

Hanging from the door
was a set of keys
And I had always been curious
About these huge white mansions
Coming right off the fifties

This could be our house
This could really be our house
I figured if souls ever live on,
This is where they’d be

I found a bedroom Invited you in
cause I foolishly assumed
You and I were on the same plan
But I guess I got you all wrong
(Well, I’m only a girl,
you’re only a man)

Cause i turned around
and you were gone
This could be our house
The door was dreamy
and big and white
The four hanging above it
was such a sight
I kind of hoped you'd say it back
But you were gone
and the house was dead.


This could be where the world ends
Hands nearly not enough
Intentions are overrated
As are your eyes.

We fall and dance
But morning always comes
It’s not my fault but
We are see-through.

I’ve got none, nor do you
And that’s how words fade
They don’t mean much
Most days.

And this could be
Where the world would end
We’d hold hands and hearts
But we are see-through.


Let’s go out swimming tonight
It’s perfect now to run away
Let’s jump in your car
and not look back
I’ll come over and help you pack
Let’s just drive and make no plans
Get to the ocean and hold hands
Bury our feet deep in the sand
Lay back and wake up together
Let’s chose the cheesiest
motel room
With pink wallpaper
and red velvet chairs
We’ll drop our bags
and jump in the bathtub
You’ll lean against me
and I’ll wash your hair
Let’s get the floor wet
and not even care
Let’s walk till we find
a roadside cafe
Eat breakfast with our legs intertwined
Laugh so hard everyone will stare
Walk along unknown streets
Singing loud and drinking wine
Let’s go out swimming tonight
Then kiss our way back to bed
Oh lover, let’s have our own room
Let’s dance and howl at the moon
Let’s pretend there’s nothing else
But you and me and me and you.